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Creating a new neural pathway for imbalance and dizziness (anxiety)

I recently (10 months ago) had a craniotomy and where the surgeon went in my skull is the area in the cerebellum that controls balance. So now, when I walk I get anxious because my balance is off a bit and I often feel like I must look like a drunken sailor walking down the street. My pilates trainer has been working with me on improving my balance - my doctor told me "your balance is probably as good as its going to get", but I don't believe that. I believe I can create new neural pathways and improve my balance and the anxiety and dizziness that goes along with it. I've listened to your podcast #635 and would like to learn more. Do you have any suggestions.? Thank You, Liz Benz

How to listen to episodes 0-155?

The earliest episode I see available is 156. How can I listen to episodes 0-155?

Searching for episode topics in Supercast

I'm new to the ad-free version and would like to search for any episodes that address asthma or breathing problems and exacerbation of anxiety symptoms. Is there a way to search for that other than scrolling through them? Thanks, Diane

Show notes

Where do I find them?

A never-ending struggle

Hi there from Portugal, my name is Cátia and i've been struggling with anxiety/depression/panic for the past 7/8 years. Doing this time i tried everything, i do meds prescribed by the psyquiatrist, i've done therapy (i'm on my 3 therapist and i like her a lot), i've tryed hipnotherapy, coaching, you name it. But my struggle never ends, i'm 32 years old and now i cant drive alone, i'm a home owner and im back to sleeping in my parents house because its to frighting to sleep alone in the house. Sometimes i just feel like the better option for me its to admit me to a clinic and stop being a burden to all my friends and family and just "give up" of the treatment. What do you think I can do more? I just subscribed your podcast to hear some positive stuff about this, and to stop feeling like a unicorn on this world, like i'm the only one stuggling. thank you so much, kisses